Maciej Sudra

I set up in 2004 to showcase my graphic and web design portfolio, however, since that time the design and objective of the site has frequently changed based on my professional and personal interests. Since I began teaching, my focus has been on the development of my students’ work, and as a result, I have been less diligent at documenting personal projects. My hope with this latest iteration of the site, is that switching to a CMS  (in this case WordPress), will help me maintain it.

My professional interests lie in Media Arts, Design, ICT and International Development. Outside work, my passions include playing football, fishing, sailing and spending time outdoors.

My Education Philosophy:
I believe it is crucial for all young people and future leaders to be proficient in computers and to see them as tools that facilitate creative thinking and problem solving. Digital media and programming are shaping every discipline and subject and, in order to be successful in school and beyond, it is vital that students feel comfortable thinking, communicating and working collaboratively using ICT.

My philosophy of education is an inquiry-based, constructivist approach; helping students understand the importance of metacognition and instilling processes for lifelong learning through the use of project-based learning experiences developed using the Understanding by Design process. I believe in contextualizing concepts for students, actively involving them in their education and making sure the experiences in the classroom mirror the real world through authentic curriculum design.

If we knew what we were doing, why would we call it research?

– Albert Einstein

Current and Past Project Websites

Africa Goal Project
The Africa Goal Project
Plastiki Rafiki Social Enterprise
ISK STEM Pathways Website
Baringo Fishing Competition / GPS Fish Stock Monitoring
ISK Design & Fab Lab Website
Design Studio Kenya - Students Run Design Firm
Construction By Design Club
Greenhouse Club - Student Run Sustainable Farming Club
Design Portfolio (2001-2005): Flash Player Required
I Spy Safari - Award Winning Safari App (student teacher collaboration)
3D Fundi - Solving community challenges using rapid prototyping
ISK Carbon Neutral Alliance Website
Coolest Place on Earth